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Final spaces available – Amharic classes from Mon 18 January

We are offering the last spaces for two sets of classes, launching next Monday evening 18 January 2016 and running for 10 weeks. We will be running both Beginners’ and Intermediate Level II classes in different rooms in the same beautiful venue near Kings Cross. The classes are from 6:30pm-8:30pm every Monday.

The beginners’ class will teach basic greetings and sentence structure as well as reading and writing, so that you can hold basic conversations, order food in a restaurant, etc.

Intermediate Level II is for people who can speak and can already read and write, and particularly aimed at people who finished our Intermediate Level I course although other Amharic speakers who want to learn more about the language are also joining the class.

To enrol or find out more, write to us at or use our contact form here.


Congratulations to Autumn 2014 beginners’ students

Congratulations to the students who just finished the beginners’ course of Amharic lessons this Wednesday (17 Dec). We have had some great students of Amharic, who made a lot of progress and can now read and write feedels (Ge’ez letters used for Amharic language) and say a good range of sentences.
They have been working through their handouts well each week and they understand and can use different tenses and restructure words for negatives and other grammatical changes, under the expert guidance of our very professional tutor.
They have also learned some colloquial expressions and shared a few tips about Ethiopia for travel and living.
The course ended with handing out certificates. Comments included: “Very attentive, friendly and personalized teaching, lots of opportunity to improve quickly” and “I am really enjoying it”.
Many of them are keen to continue to the intermediate classes launching on 15 January and we are keen to take them forward, while also launching the next beginners’ classes on 13 January.

Some other excellent students (credit
Some other excellent students (credit

Last 2 places for learning Amharic

Bookings have been very strong for our Amharic lessons in London starting next week 22 October. There are still 2 places, please use the contact form or write to info [at] if you would like to reserve your place or to get more details.
We are looking forward to meeting our prospective students who want to learn Amharic in our central London venue.
The Amharic course will be nine sessions, from 22 October to 17 December, at 6:30pm-8pm and the classes are being held in Bloomsbury, central London, near the British museum.

Classes start 22 October

We have set our Autumn course programme for Amharic classes, after lots of interest from potential students. We are very excited to announce the details. The lessons will last for 90 minutes (1.5 hours) and will be on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in central London. We are running nine Amharic lessons, from 22 October to 17 December.

These language lessons are aimed at beginners and our experienced tutor expects you will make a lot of progress in Amharic language by the end of the course. We offer our own tailor-made course materials.

We can only take a few students, so please contact us to register your interest for the Amharic lessons as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting you!